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MagentaSteel is no longer accepting new clients

Due to the planned retirement of the proprietor, MagentaSteel is no longer accepting new clients.

If you are an existing client and you have received an email from us outlining the changes to your web arrangements with us, then please refer to that email for details of how you are affected.

If you are an existing client and have not received an email outlining the changes to your web arrangements with us, do not worry; this is because you are unaffected by this change. We will continue to support your web service needs for the forseeable future. Please call us if you have any concerns.

If you are a client of our Bookingcheck system, this change will not affect you and your service will continue as now.

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MagentaSteel. We are a design, publishing and internet services company providing customised solutions for everything you need for your web presence and design.

We can create everything you need from a simple business card to a comprehensive web site. We can work with your existing business logos and designs or start afresh.

We'll be pleased to expand your own ideas. Or you can give us just a hint of what you want to do, and leave us create some designs for you to consider.

We'll organise everything for you from the initial design proofs to the eventual publishing, printing and web hosting.

And every step of the way we will give the opportunity to check, discuss and adjust what we are doing so the end result is just what you had in mind.

We are based in the north of England, on the edge of Greater Manchester near the town of Wigan. A place known more for its pier and its pies than for its technology industries. But times change.

We don't have large offices so we have much smaller overheads than many similar companies, a fact which you will see reflected in our charges.

We are also increasingly attracting work from clients in Spain, by word-of-mouth referrals, so we also have facilities available in the south-east of Spain to work with these clients.



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